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Locally Sourced

Check out some of our favorite local companies
that provide exceptional products for Common Grounds

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Rock Top Coffee

Locally Roasted Coffee

Alfonso Rodriguez is the owner of Rock Top Roasters. His childhood dream was to own a coffee farm, and now he has taken that dream, by God's grace, a step further! He partners with David Southworth the head roaster, and with Axis Culture for media. It is his mission to produce not only exquisite Colombian experiences, but excellent batches of coffee for many to enjoy, and in environmentally conscious ways - from farm to cup, from cup to gullet.

boyds farm.jpeg

Boyd's Farm

Desert Wildflower Honey

Boyd has lived in the Rim Country his whole life. He has always had a green thumb and can make anything grow and thrive! True to family and friends and is always a helping hand when needed! Boyd started selling his amazing peaches from his trees in Tonto Basin at the Payson Farmer’s Market about 4 years ago. He has always loved canning and making jelly and jam, so he added this to his offering, including those peaches in a lot of the jams he makes! He is always experimenting with new flavors and flavor combinations. The Desert Wildflower Honey that is available from Boyd’s Farm is amazingly delicious!


Pine Creek Canyon Lavender Farm

Lavender Sugar

We've had a relationship with Pine Creek Lavender Farm since Common Grounds opened in 2017. They have been providing us with lavender sugar made right in Pine, AZ since the very beginning! Enjoy it in our Local Bee Latte or Lavender Lemonade.


Mark Plets


Mark provides the shop with a variety of delicious baked goods such as cinnamon rolls, caramel walnut rolls, blueberry muffins, quiche, and brownies!

Check them out!

 Rustic Rise - Artisan Bread


Rustic Rise is a delightful little bakery run by Nikki. She provides the shop with her very own deliciously hand-crafted bagels weekly and she is much appreciated. (Her bagels are simply exquisite!) She is a local based baker, and you can find more information on her on her Facebook page.

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